… it’s your move!

“Well” Hello!

When you wake up, you want to feel ready to move, rejuvenated, bursting with energy!


Who would not want to feel happy, full of life, refuelled, and able to move when, wherever you want to go!


Why not want to feel confident, light with emotional & physical freedom, energized to take on the world’s most amazing pleasures! Who would not want to enjoy life to its complete fullest!

TRULEIGH Integrative

offers physical, nutritional, and restorative programs tailored to you.


Easily adaptable movements, simple meal plans catering to your taste and rest that returns your energy.


your confidence


your energy


your balance

move your way, mindful eating, let go of stress…

My Intention is to gracefully greet you where you are, skillfully lift you where you want to go, and intuitively cheer you all the way to when you arrive.

Are you ready…

Are you ready to show the world what you can do?

want to know more …

Meet Michelle

Health & Fitness Practitioner

A “Well” Hello!

I am Michelle Vandenburg Leigh and thank you for visiting!


We all have our own stories with many different chapters. I believe each one of us has special gifts, it’s how we tap into those gifts that bring us confidence and contentment.


We all have limitations, pains, and stress, and for all quite different reasons.

You are not alone. You are Worth It!

My life journey is not healthy. I had to learn to love my “not so perfect me”. When I dug deep into all the “I could not do” and ask why, it brought me an epiphany of joy at what I really CAN do! My passion as a Health & Fitness Practitioner is to show you what you can do. I have seen the joy and amazement when those who practice with me experience movements they thought they could not do, eat something they thought they would never like or thought they should not eat or know, believe what rest they can have!
Bringing Confidence, Satisfaction, and Relief into their next chapter.

Are you ready to feel your freedom?




an amazing adventure meeting so many beautiful souls & creating such a supportive community. I would not be where I am without you. From the caring hearts in my career at the hospitals, clinics, yoga studios, fitness gyms, my family and those in our path around the world. Your wisdom and your truth have been my deepest inspirations! I could not be more Thankful for each and everyone of you!

I joined a community yoga class and Michelle was the instructor. I found her to be gentle yet able to draw out my strength. She has a positive outgoing personality which made me feel easy to approach whenever I had questions. I soon hired her as my health counselor as she was skilled, knowledgeable. It was so great to just go to one person for my nutrition, physical training, and mindful meditation. I really was able to have a relationship with no judgment and that made me accountable. I really noticed with these skills together, my life began to shift wonderfully Being 58 years old, I did not think I would get out of my old routines. I am 25lbs lighter in weight and in freedom. Thank you for caring about all of me! -Melina S.

I am so passionate about what I do that I am excited to MOVE forward with you!

Sharing knowledge & wisdom brings us closer together. Stay in the “know” about what can “Move” you to endless possibilities. Join the MOVEMENT!