about me

“WELL”, Your Inner wisdom tells you that exercise, vegetables, and getting good rest is healthy. It’s scientifically proven!

And… you love the idea of relaxing on the couch with your favourite show, eating the chips you love & washing it down with a cold soda or better yet, beer or wine. -it’s our culture.

You can also feel that change is time and not sure where to start. You need the motivation, skill, commitment, information, and time to create Your Next Move!

Making subtle change, with little sacrifice for the BIG WIN – The TRU You!

It’s Time to Meet the Tru You & discover Living in the Fullest, I Am Here For You!

Michelle Vandenburg-Leigh

Greetings to TRULEIGH INTEGRATIVE fitness nutrition vitality. I’m so moved that you are here. You have gravitated to this space from some great force egar to come out. Either you are looking to
Move where you want to go, feed the body & soul or find serenity in your moment. You are ready to be part of a moving community. Am I the help you need?

Well, Let’s See

I have been passionately sharing my skills in healthcare for 20 years in many different settings. Beginning with a diploma in  nursing and then a degree in health sciences, I took my clinical skills in hospital, public health and teaching. After my own health experiences, I transitioned into personal preventative health care. I am now a Registered Natural Health Practitioner, Certified Fitness Trainer, Nutritionist and Registered Yoga Instructor. I am continuing my studies in Osteopathy to continue evolving with newly available therapy advancements to offer my best optional services.

Always Supported!

With my best friend, we travel worked the world and now he is my willful, exceedingly encouraging husband Chris Leigh. With full hearts for life, we shared it with two motivating children. Not only are we grateful for our fun loving kids and supportive family but so appreciative for the clients who dedicated their energy inward and allowing me to guide them to their unremarkable potential. It is always a great honour to meet and open your heart with trust, be present in your space and a privalidge to Move forward on the next step.


Here is what most people don’t see about me – I am challenged by cravings – I overindulge – I felt like I could really eat anything and not gain weight. Then I did! But it sort of crept up. My hormones changed levels, nobody noticed, so I did not care. Then my clothes did not fit, I became short of breath and that is when I changed. Going to calorie counter binge. I became obsessed with how low I could get my weight. This was my dangerous point. Family members and colleagues expressed their concerns. It was until I started having chest pain that I realized I am not in a healthy balance. Awakening to change and rooting the “why” is the beginning of the new chapter. A shifting mindset to include the whole self and not just solving piece by piece. Finding the root then follow the path to heal.

Bottom Line

We are Truleigh Integrated and we are intuitive. There are many facets that work together to give us “Healthy” and each one of us is different. Integrating safe movement, nutritious foods, and understanding rest is your healing to the whole self. We have been taught that we are all the same. What works for one will work for everyone. This is just not true. When we choose to look at the root, we begin to heal inside out!