“Michelle gave me another perspective on health. She saw me as healthy”


I came to Michelle for weight loss. I would lose weight and then gain it back, if not more. Then try a new fad diet and lose weight or give up and gain more. I was refereed to her knowing that this was not going to happen overnight. 6 months later, I noticed a difference on the scale and how I felt. After a year I was at my goal weight and I had gained so much more confidence, my physical strength and control of my life. She saw me as a whole person not just the food I was eating and gave me no judgement. Michelle gave me tools that changed my perspective and habits. This allowed me to manage my weight and everything else in my life. part of me does not want to share her and the world needs more people like her. -Mark G.

Michelle gave me another perspective on health. Even though I have chronic illness, which involves numerous appointments, much blood work, constantly being disappointed with results and being treated like I was sick. She saw me as healthy and that I could do anything. Michelle is kind and approachable and was very knowledgeable of the health care system where she collaborated with my care providers. All together, I am physically stronger, eat and feel 75%++ better and it continues. The best part is it sows in the numbers as it improves in my improves in my blood work and making going to my appointments exciting for good news Thank you! -Lynn S.



I joined a community yoga class and Michelle was the instructor. I found her to be gentle yet able to draw out my strength. She has a positive outgoing personality which made feel easy to approach whenever I had questions. I soon hired her as my health councilor as she was skilled, knowledgeable. It was so great to just go to one person for my nutrition, physical training and mindful meditation. I really was able to have a relationship with no judgement and that made me accountable. I really noticed with these skills together, everything I my life began to shift wonderfully Being 58 years old, I did not think I would get out of my old routines. I am 25lbs lighter in weight and in freedom. Thank you for caring about all of me! -Melina S.