What We Offer

Consultations are required to navigate & support individual health care journeys.

Consultation prices are included in the cost of any package. This cost is 75$ initially and is refunded after consultation is conducted whether the individual chooses to purchase 8 sessions or not.


This is to respect the time and energy of the individual and health & fitness practitioner. For Cancellation 24 hours is required to be refunded the consultation fee for a session. TruLeigh Integrative offers packages with a minimum of 8 sessions. Our only way to provide quality and success is getting to know you and this takes time. Each session is an hour. We provide different services to better suite your needs. Each package varies in price. The cost is not based on making money but on accountability and the exchange of energy. There is financial subsidy for Family Physician referrals. If at any time during your 8 sessions you feel it is not for you, you will be refunded the cost of the unused sessions.

If you are a Diabetic, Hypertensive, Arthritic, have Coronary Heart Disease and or feel limited in anyway from being active, now is the time to get started. This applies to all our services. There is no exclusion to age, size, shape or limitation to your choice to be healthy and you will not even notice your limitation when you see what you can really do! We do ask for a physician fitness approval form to clear for any diagnosed health concerns.
Safety is a priority.



Get Fit, Feel Strong, Be Flexible. This is Fitness Training to improve specific physical gains. An example would be increase flexibility, improve balance and strengthening. This is where specific exercises are tailored to get you to your goal and maintain it. As your trainer, I would support you on your path, provide a plan suitable for your schedule and empower your independent growth. What is even better is these sessions can be offered either in the comfort of your own home or on location.


Energy to Burn? Personal Workouts are specific to the individuals health. For those looking to boost metabolism, have a medical condition or disability. This is really for anyone and customized to ones needs. This could be a High Intensity Interval Training for full body and cardio work out. It could also be combinations of Vinyasa Yoga with Pilates this is all desired to the individual needs and wants. For your convenience sessions are offered the comfort of your own home or on location


Who loves ice cream? Well, believe it or not, not everyone does. We are overwhelmed with the latest food trends, studies of what is cancerous to eat, and how to eat to live longer and that choosing a diet or a place in our diet to make changes is very challenging, discouraging, and always wanting to give up. This is more than about food. Nutrition is what we choose to see, hear, speak and touch. This is so individual as some eat ice cream as a happy reward and others eat ice cream when they are sad. Texture plays a big role in why someone will not try Hummus or eat tomatoes and how to enjoy them in a healthy way. This program is about goals and it all depends on the person whether it is weight management or hormonal changes. With knowledge of more than 1400 dietary theories, this program is to support you where you choose to head. Recipes, Menus, Resources and Journals are provided. This program is not in place of a registered dietitian but to compliment them. If a physician recommends a registered dietitian, this is for diagnosed medical concerns that need to be closely followed.


Did someone Want Integration? This is the ‘One Stop Shop’ personal program for those needing to shed what is not needed. This is a space to integrate both Fitness & Nutrition tailored to a specific individual. As a person’s fitness level change, caloric intake may need adjusting. This is not in place of a registered dietitian for those who need medical nutrition therapy recommended by a physician. Understanding one person going to Weight Watchers and then working out with a gym or trainer creates more appointments and siloed communication and the person stuck in the middle, maybe not reaching their goals. This is a great program to see and feel results. Please be aware this may require more than 8 sessions.


A Game Changer

Welcome Teamwork! This is a great way to shift change among a corporate environment into positive health and wellness. Creating program incentives that attract recruitment, promote positive department communication and reduce illness. Really, it is a Win Win! Programs would consist of team building, fitness group workouts, stress free group toga, individual employee nutrition awareness and personal employee fitness training. Who says work can’t be fun!

Beginner • intermediate • Advanced

A variety of yoga classes are always ongoing with in the Guelph & Wellington County. These classes are for everyone. They are only as challenging or as relaxing as you want to make them. There is a combination of Pilates, Yoga Vinyasa, Hatha or Yin to either increase your heart rate, strengthen, stretch or just relax from stress.
There is your choice to book group sessions, or you can join a community class.
Groups of (6 to 10 people) with your own space, we can guide you through or if you don’t have space we can provide. | 8 session – $480.00
Singles looking for Group sessions please see Upper Grand District School Boards Continuing Education and or Kitchener Stanley Park Community Centre website for class schedules in your area.

(Min 6 to max 10 people)