Affordable Health Program

The Affordable Health Program is a supplemented grant program combined with registered donation that allows healthy living to be available to everyone. It begins on an income situation sliding scale that will adjust according to your income and includes those without health benefit insurance or insurance that do not have coverage for the following services. Truleigh Integrative applies the documentation to required for the supplemented grant well in advanced to be available for any clients needing assistance. These programs are available through government subsidies that may involve wait-times, documentation, and multi-specialist visits. Contact you family doctor if you wish to go through government supported programs or would like more information.

We require a “sign a release of personal information” as we use this to maintain funding for this program and its success, then we do the rest.

We are Ready, Set and Go! This program is exciting for us as it makes healthy living available to everyone.

Services Included in this program are…

* Weight Loss Management
* Balance Blood Sugar
* Seniors Move
* Reset Rehabilitation
* Injury Prevention
* Chronic Health Conditional Exercise

Donating to this program, you would be helping you neighbour, friend or family member live a better healthier life. Our Federal and Provincial health programs are available and structured very intricately complicated that it can time sensitive to those who need it sooner, siloed to many different specialists and leaving clients lost in the endless referral wait- lists. This program is to ease the concentration and compliment government programs so healthy living accessible to everyone. Donate Now…