Nutrition Counselling

Nutritional Counselling is ideal service for improving your internal body. You are what you digest at this holds true. With so much information available to us, it makes it confusing and overwhelming. We are all so different from our DNA, environment to our life experiences. If you allow openness to explore nutrition, we guide to your optimal internal self. Food is Medicinal!

Nutrition Specifics

– Primary & Secondary Foods (Nutrition On & Off the Plate)
– Cost to Good Food
– Safe Supplementing
– Personal Dietary Theories
– Ayurvedic Approach
– Performance Planning
– Defining Clean Eating
– Weight Loss Management
– Eating Energy
– Intuitive Gut Health
– Digestion Detox
– Balance Blood Sugar
– Mealing Macronutrients (Carbohydrates, Fats & Proteins)

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Michelle is a Certified Nutritionist who holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Science and a Diploma in Nursing. She has been in healthcare for 18 years in public health, cardiovascular surgery, and nephrology. She has a great passion for preventative health care and enjoys empowering people to their full potential inside and out!

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$45.00 -65.00 / hr

Packages are available
*Affordable Health Program – Weight Loss Management & Balance Blood Sugar