Physical Health Counselling & Rehabilitation

Private Physical Health Counselling is ideal service for improving your physical fitness level at any age. Even with an old injury we can guide to your optimal movement for longevity. This is an opportunity for those who have recognized specifics on where to improve their physical health.

Physical Specifics

– Functional Movement to promote longevity & active daily living
– Core Posture Promotion
– Total Body Strength & Conditioning
– Flexibility & Mobility
– Cardiovascular Programming
– Seniors Move
– Reset Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention
– Neuromuscular Proprioception -Balance
– Chronic Health Conditional Exercise

For more details on Physical Specific descriptions, please connection by phone or email.

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Michelle is a Certified Personal Trainer and a Registered Yoga Instructor who holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Science and a Diploma in Nursing. She has been in healthcare for 18 years in public health, cardiovascular surgery, and nephrology. She has a great passion for preventative health care and enjoys empowering people to their full potential.

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$75.00 – $95.00 / hr

Packages are available
*Affordable Health Program- Seniors Move, Reset Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention and Chronic Health Conditional Exercise