Restorative Therapy

Mind Body Decompression Therapy is ideal for relaxing a stressed mind and body. Through mental understanding, priority and perspective to neuromuscular release, many techniques are available to destress and refocus taking the edge of life and embracing the challenges. We give you the tools, you take the reins and enjoy the roller coaster of life! We will help you get to the root to relax!

Restorative Therapy Specifics

– Meditation Practices
– Breathing Techniques
– Positive Coping Methods
– Anxiety Balancing
– Progressive Manual Muscle Relaxation
– Manual Myofascial Release
– Restorative Neuromuscular Therapeutics
– Decompressive Therapeutics

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Michelle is a Registered Yoga Instructor, Registered Natural Health Practitioner with a specialty in Myofascial and Neuromuscular Release, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Science and a Diploma in Nursing. She has been practicing preventative health for 25 years healthcare for 18 years in public health, cardiovascular surgery, and nephrology. She has a great passion for preventative health care and enjoys empowering people to their full potential inside and out!

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$65.00-110 / hr

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